Hello and Welcome!

My name is Sandy Nichols and I am an Interior Designer with over 15 years of experience. I am looking to further my career goals with a great organization and to build upon the creative skills I have already attained. I lived for 20 years in the Orlando area and have experience in high pressure situations, as well as a variety of projects, that would benefit any company. I have extensive knowledge and experience in corporate, healthcare and dental, restaurants, retail, hospitality and theme parks.

Over the years, I have developed skills in project management, programming, space planning. design development (inc. materials, finishes, lighting and special equipment), construction documents and construction administration. I have proficiency in building code, life safety and ADA accessibility requirements. I am proficient in AutoCAD, MS Word, Excell and Powerpoint.  I have worked with architects, consultants, engineers, contractors and all juristictions required to complete a project.

My experience has given me excellent time management skills and quality control. I have managed multiple simultaneous projects and made sure they were done on time, within budget and within the scope of the project. I am proficient in all documentation required for completion of a project including meeting notes, correspondence, proposals, RFI's, change orders, shop drawings and addendums.

Additionally, I have worked well with architects, using my skills to help with construction documents and with construction managers to modify construction documents during the construction phase, in office and on site.

I feel that my knowledge, experience and strong work habits would be benefitial to your organization. Please feel free to review my resume.


Sandra Nichols